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We have prepared a series of new pokemon quiz for you that will be coming out in the next few weeks.
On top of pokemon quizzes, we will start with the popular what pokemon am i quiz, we will have a "pokemon quiz name all 150" trivia and an ultimate pokemon quiz.

In total, we are looking to have over 150 to 151 new pokemon quizzes this year.

We will of course keep our original pokemon quiz which has proved very succesful among pokemon fans around the world.

For those of you who are looking for a hard pokemon quiz, we are looking to implement the original 151 pokemon quiz and the original 150 pokemon quiz as well.

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And for those who love Ash, Poke, Mewtwo and the others, we have the pokemon trainer quiz which will hel you find what kind of pokemon trainer you really are.

Do not hesitate to come back for more pokemon black pep quiz or pokemon white pep quiz in our list of pokemon quiz games.

Stay tuned for more pokemon pop quiz later on!

Pokemon Sales break a new record

By exposing the record sales on a weekend in Japan (2.63 million sales in one weekend, surpassing the previous record of 1,997 held by Final Fantasy VII), Black & White Pokémon continues its sales simply huge in the U.S. (we do not yet have figures for Europe). Released Friday at home, the game has sold 1.08 million copies, beating the same time the previous record held by Diamond and Pearl (780,000 units).

Figures outside a Christmas season that have nothing to envy of blockbusters such as Call of Duty.

Pokemon Black and White just came out!

Here we are, this March 4, 2011 is an important day in the history of Pokémon: the output of today's home Pokémon Black & White, considered by many to be the best episode of the series.

Have you reserved or purchased on your own? Which version did you choose: White or Black? Both?

In all good logic, the Pokemon Gray Version should be succeeding to Pokémon Black & White ... as there was an Emerald Version compared to Ruby and Sapphire, and Platinum to take over the Diamond & Pearl. This game could come out in Japan in 2012 and early 2013 in the United States and Europe.

"Could"? Rather than "should" because Ibe Mana, one of the game designers GAME FREAK, Inc.., Honcho of pokeuniverse's leave was was already heard through the press and so quite explicitly that this project was not on the next agenda for Nintendo. This does not prevent the imagination of some Pokéfans to work, like those fake jackets - in the jargon, we speak of hoax - broadcast on either side of the world pokéweb these "celebrations" Recent April Fool.

The site Pokébip is the creator of one of these fake real visual mixing graphics and creativity a little "hard", though, as if Kyurem - hero and herald a possible Pokémon Grey - here was made ​​entirely of breaded fish. A small sprite (avatar of Pokemon) homemade reveals its secrets well. Namely that by adding Reshiram, Zekrom, Giratina Origin Form and we get the ... Gigalithe Kyurem. As usual, the reactions of diehard fans oscillate from one extreme to another, between smug excitement, anger or resignation frank: a hoax, it's always exhilarating.

TCG Online

The new service Pokémon TCG online, recently launched in the United States, offers 24 hours 24, tournaments and training in the virtual world for players of Pokémon cards. Alongside the challenge Trainer, a "Challenge of Trainers" in the tradition Council 4, The Pokémon Company International (which manages Pokémon in the world, outside Japan) has announced the opportunity for fans around the world The two ways of acquiring e-cards decks calling their future champions. The first challenge is this train (which started in April), which gives players access to free pre-built decks and virtual (you had already figured out for this second point), the second is much more subtly, the Black & White expansion in its American version.

Good idea (that's saying something) link card for physical and dematerialized cards Pokémon TCGo legitimate course in its "bonus" not useful "gadget" futile, while providing added value to the actual cards from the Black & White ... starters, usually not popular with top players as constituting decks for beginners, to complete moult of boosters, it also marked on the bag "package of 10 additional cards" ... short. The three decks Black & White have this peculiarity - and interesting, in contrast somewhat with the habit - they give players access to as many virtual starters, to unlock Pokémon TCG online through barcode. He had to think ... But think about it, few precedents exist, the most famous being the e-reader to "read" Pokemon cards, with lots of mini-games to boot.

It should be noted that the simulator computer TCGo Pokémon, especially requested for Trainer course challenge, the Council 4-like "Council of cards", works with the new rules of card game Pokémon to come into this application in Europe April 25: a potion heals 30 HP instead of 20 to 12 years she cared for 20 PV, anyway ... - and we can now play all the cards Trainers / Supporters / Stadiums in the first turn. Caution still not complacency, because at the moment, the artificial intelligence of computers is quite low: they fight against an army of Ramoloss? With that, the pieces have a tendency to fall on the pile ... when it is often the face of interest.