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Vote to Befriend a Pokemon

Here's your opportunity to befriend a Pokémon via the Pokémon Global Link! Following Japan's similar poll, in which Arceus came out as the winner, the official Pokémon website has started a poll for us non-Japanese people. All you have to do is go here and vote for the Pokémon you would like to receive from the first four generations. The poll will remain open until November 30th and the results will be announced two weeks after that, on December 13th. The most voted Pokémon will then become available on February 1st, 2012.

New Pokemon game in Spring 2012?

During Nintendo's Financial Conference earlier today, an upcoming Pokémon game was mentioned, set for release in Japan this Spring. Of course, since this wasn't an announcement towards the audience, no additional details were provided. We can only speculate whether it is a main series game or another spin-off for the 3DS. Considering all main series games since Emerald in 2004 have been released in September in Japan, a spin-off seems more likely but only time will tell. With the game coming out this soon, it is possible that we will have an official announcement quite soon!

Dream World Mamoswine giveaway

For all of us with European games, a Mamoswine giveaway has started on the Pokémon Global Link website. The Mamoswine you will receive is a Level 34 male one and comes with its hidden ability; Thick Fat. The promotion runs from today, October 20th, 2011 until January 19th, 2012 and the passwords needed to download Mamoswine will be given in various Nintendo magazines across Europe. The passwords are:

Charizard C-Gear skin and DW Banette

Continuing the 3-month promotion that started in September with the Venusaur C-Gear skin, those of you with European games will be able to download the Charizard C-Gear skin from the PGL website starting from October 13th, 2011 up until February 16th, 2012. The password needed to download this skin is EUPGL102011. The final skin with Blastoise is expected next month to end this promotion.

Summer Deerling C-Gear skin and Autumn Friendly Tournament!

The second of the four seasonal Deerling C-Gear skins has become available internationally via the Pokémon Global Link. The skin will be up for download starting today until November 9th. As usual, a password is needed and it will soon be revealed in the official site. We will update this post once we know the password.

Update: The password has been revealed! Enter PB52XQ2H in the Promotions page of the PGL to receive the Deerling skin.

Pokemon TCG Online

The previously announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will feature a Player VS Player mode after all.
Players will be able to use both virtual decks available within the game and new, physical decks that can be transfered through the included codes. The platform will also include collection management and deck building tools, as well as social features and mini-games. Players will be able to gather virtual coins through these games and "buy" virtual cards, which in turn can be traded to other players.

Can't stop catchin' 'em all!

Pokémon Black & White are out in shops in both Europe and America (Australian fans have to wait till the 10th), and The Pokémon Inc. decided to celebrate this occasiom, with a new "Pokérap" song!
If you too, can't stop catchin' em all, then join our forums, arrange battles, trades and make new friends that share the same passion for Pokémon!

The Spooky Manor

A much awaited Dream World expansion has finally been announced! A brand-new Island of Dreams area named "Spooky Manor" will become available internationally on September 28th. As expected by its name, this area is home to various Ghost, Dark and Psychic-type Pokémon, with the already confirmed ones being Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Houndour, Duskull, Chimecho and Spiritomb. New berries and new furniture for your Dream World house (including the Manor!) will also become available through this area.

US Zoroark event and C-Gear skins

The special Zoroark with the move Snarl that has been already distributed in Japan and many European countries will finally make it to the USA as announced in the official Pokémon website. Zoroark will be distributed in Toys 'R' Us stores across the US from September 18th to September 25th. The Pokémon itself is at level 50 and comes with the move Snarl, a move that no Pokémon can learn via level-up. You can check the Black and White website for details and instructions on how to receive Zoroark.