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New Pokemon game to be announced next month!

According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo, next month's issue, due May 21st, is going to feature details on an as of yet unknown, Pokémon game. Whether this is a brand new game for the 3DS or actual details on the previously confirmed Wii game, remains to be seen.
Source: Shellspider

Pokemon Global Link goes live on April 13th!

Pokémon Global Link or PGL in short, the official website accompanying Pokémon Black & White, has just updated, confirming the accidentally revealed global launch date from a couple of days ago: April 13th. The japanese version of PGL will receive aesthetic enhancements and re-launch on the same date as well.
In order to take advantage of PGL, players will have to make an account on Pokemon.com, a copy of Pokémon Black or White and access to a wireless internet hotspot.

Wallpapers! Pokemon wallpapers everywhere!

The past 493 minimalistic Pokémon wallpapers have been wonderful indeed, but our friends over at PLDH.net didn't rest easy. If you enjoy Pokémon, and I'm assuming you do if you're reading these lines, then go on and check their full Unova Collection!
Wait, there's a catch: the following two are exclusive to Legendary Pokémon. Similarly Snivy lives at Bulbagarden and Tepig at Pokémon ReOrchestrated; gotta catch'em all!

Pokemon TCG Online

The previously announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will feature a Player VS Player mode after all.
Players will be able to use both virtual decks available within the game and new, physical decks that can be transfered through the included codes. The platform will also include collection management and deck building tools, as well as social features and mini-games. Players will be able to gather virtual coins through these games and "buy" virtual cards, which in turn can be traded to other players.

Can't stop catchin' 'em all!

Pokémon Black & White are out in shops in both Europe and America (Australian fans have to wait till the 10th), and The Pokémon Inc. decided to celebrate this occasiom, with a new "Pokérap" song!
If you too, can't stop catchin' em all, then join our forums, arrange battles, trades and make new friends that share the same passion for Pokémon!

The Spooky Manor

A much awaited Dream World expansion has finally been announced! A brand-new Island of Dreams area named "Spooky Manor" will become available internationally on September 28th. As expected by its name, this area is home to various Ghost, Dark and Psychic-type Pokémon, with the already confirmed ones being Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Houndour, Duskull, Chimecho and Spiritomb. New berries and new furniture for your Dream World house (including the Manor!) will also become available through this area.

US Zoroark event and C-Gear skins

The special Zoroark with the move Snarl that has been already distributed in Japan and many European countries will finally make it to the USA as announced in the official Pokémon website. Zoroark will be distributed in Toys 'R' Us stores across the US from September 18th to September 25th. The Pokémon itself is at level 50 and comes with the move Snarl, a move that no Pokémon can learn via level-up. You can check the Black and White website for details and instructions on how to receive Zoroark.

10 years and counting

It's been 10 years since August 22nd 2001 when Arty2 created Legendary Pokémon. He has kept the site running for 10 years without giving up on it and, for all we know, he doesn't plan to stop now. It is a bit ironic that the webmaster himself isn't here on the site's 10th anniversary, but on his behalf, we thank all of you for your support and for still visiting the site and the forums! A site is nothing without its community, thanks for being around and giving us a reason to keep going!

May Legendary Pokémon go on for 10 more years!

Minccino C-Gear skin

As posted on the official Pokémon site, a new C-Gear skin, featuring Minccino, is now available for download on the Pokémon Global Link site. You need to enter a password in order to obtain it and you can then apply it to your game via the Customize option in the PGL site.